Montana Hotel

Also known as: Marcus Daly Hotel
200 - 208 Main Street, Anaconda, MT

French Renaissance & Romanesque style hotel built in 1889


Montana Hotel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in July 2006



Construction of the Montana Hotel was begun in 1888 by the Montana Hotel Association. Much of the financing for this building came from copper king Marcus Daly. It was completed in the spring of 1889 at an estimated cost of $125,000.

Chicago Architect W.W. Boyington designed the hotel in a mix of French Renaissance and Romanesque styles. The hotel was a four story structure built of red brick with terra cotta ornamentation. The building is setback 10 feet from the Main Street sidewalk and features a 34 foot wide central arched entrance resting on terra cotta columns with a pediment above. The hotel interior included a full basement equipped with a servant's dining room, a laundry, boilers, and a dynamo for electric light generation. The first and second floors, contained the main dining room, a ladies' ordinary, billiard hall, drug store, and barber shop.

In 1975, heavy financial burdens and potential bankruptcy faced the Montana Hotel Corporation and the building was sold to a local developer in 1976. An aggressive program of structural renovation was begun, including the removal of the hotel's two upper stories.


19th Century (37,584)
Built 1889 (686)
Built during 1880s (6,440)
Deer Lodge County, Montana (57)
Hotel (2,664)
Montana (2,184)

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