Breese Stevens Field

917 E. Mifflin Street, Madison, Wisconsin

1926 brick stadium, used for a wide variety of activities from baseball to track & field events


Overview - Fieldhouse

A similar stadium, built just after this one, has been in continuous use in Eau Claire, Wisconsin since its construction. The Carson Park Baseball Stadium in Eau Claire is believed to be the oldest WPA project stadium still in continuous use.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning August 2018




The stadium was built in 1925-1926 on a lot sold to the City of Madison by the widow of Breese Stevens, a former mayor and regent of the University of Wisconsin. In 1934, a Civil Works Administration (CWA) project added the block outside wall. the same year, lights were added. (The first night baseball game was played in 1930 with a traveling team that carried its own floodlights.) In 1982 a rehabilitation project converted it to a soccer facility. In 2014, an artificial surface was installed.

In addition to baseball, softball, and football for local high schools and minor league teams, the stadium has also been host to ice skating, boxing, wrestling, track and field, midget car racing, rodeos, circuses, drum and bugle corps competitions, concerts, and fraternal and religious gatherings.

Listed on the NRHP on 8/03/15.


Built 1926 (986)
Built during 1920s (8,276)
CWA (4)
Claude & Starck (35)
Dane County, Wisconsin (231)
In operation (2,255)
Stadium (190)
WPA (17)
Wisconsin (2,624)

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