Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

990 SW Rock Creek Dr, Stevenson, WA

Museum opened in 1995


Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

Photo taken by Richard Doody in May 2012



The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and interpretation of the cultural and natural history of Skamania County and the Columbia River Gorge.

The museum was designed by Architect Fletcher Far Ayotte PC, built by Walsh Construction Company and dedicated on May 1, 1995 is operated by the Skamania County Historical Society.

The museum's most prominent exterior feature is the Court of the Cedars, group of tree sculptures by Dudley Carter in 1980 at the age of 90. "Forest Garland," "Primitive Woman" and "Mythical Beast" and represent the Native American heritage of the Pacific Northwest and were carved from locally harvested timber.

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