Saint Peter's Austrian Catholic Church

405 Alder Street, Anaconda, MT

Gothic Revival brick church built in 1898


St. Peter's Austrian Catholic Church

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



St. Peterís Austrian Catholic Church was designed by local architect W.W. Hyslop and constructed in 1898. Its contrasting colors, pointed arches, side buttresses, tall pointed steeple, ornate terra cotta panels and rose window reflect the High Victorian Gothic style.

Father John Pirnat, an immigrant from Slovenia and pastor of St. Peter's for its first 50 years, was instrumental in convincing the diocese to built the church as an alternative to the Irish-dominated St. Paulís and to serve Anacondaís Croatian, Slovenian, and Montenegrin smelter workers and their families whose home countries were then part of the Austrian empire. Father Pirnat often preached in Serbo-Croatian, performed traditional Slavic funeral and wedding services, and led the church in celebrating such ethnic holidays as Mesopust.

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