Washoe Brewery

Italianate brick brewery built in 1905


Washoe Brewery

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



The Washoe Brewery symbolizes the private enterprise that flourished in this company town. The imposing Italian Renaissance inspired brewery with its signature corner tower is a bold reminder of an industry important to Anaconda’s residents. It also represents an intriguing, unsolved corporate mystery. In 1904, the upstart manager/vice president of the Anaconda Brewing Company (ABC) suddenly resigned his position to establish a rival brewery. Despite William Haltonhoff’s resignation, he oddly remained ABC’s manager during construction of the $80,000 Washoe Brewery, completed in August of 1905. The ABC purchased the Washoe in December for $81,000 and shut it down. The building was subsequently long unoccupied. After Prohibition in 1933, the Washoe reopened under A. J. Tuchscherer, producing Rocky Mountain Beer until 1955. The brewery’s bottling works continued to produce soft drinks under the Sugrue name. Now a commercial/retail building housing an antique store.

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