Tiffany Chapel

Also known as: Tiffany Hill Chapel, Oakland & Sidney United Methodist Church
544 Tiffany Rd. Sidney, Maine


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Tiffany Chapel, Sidney, Kennebec County, 1881 - 1911 Date listed: 10/4/2018 Criterion C: Architecture Criteria Consideration A: Religious Ownership Local Significance Tiffany Chapel is located in the northern portion of Sidney, Kennebec County, Maine. The gable front chapel with minimal stylistic detail is significant at the local level under Criterion C for its architecture which reflects modest rural church architecture of the late nineteenth century. The building is named for the nearby hill and road which take their name from a local farm family. The chapel represents a typical mid-to-late-nineteenth century building type employed by Methodist and other evangelical denominations as they expanded and established new congregations. The Methodist Church Extension Service circulated plans for church buildings of varied size and complexity to meet building demand with an approved design. Tiffany Chapel is an example of the smaller type of modest rural church building which retains high integrity. Many similar examples have been heavily modified, added onto or destroyed. The period of significance is two separate dates the 1881 construction date and 1911 when the interior was finished with pressed metal. Criteria Consideration A applies as the church is owned by a religious organization and still functions as a church. The building meets the Criteria Consideration as it is being nominated solely for its architectural significance and not for any religious association.


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