United Baptist Church

53 Main Rd. Charleston, Maine


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United Baptist Church, Penobscot County, 1892 Date listed: 10/4/2018 Criterion C: Architecture Criteria Consideration A: Religious Ownership Local Significance The United Baptist Church is located in the village center of Charleston, Penobscot County, Maine. The gable front Queen Anne style church is significant at the local level under Criterion C for its distinctive architectural plan. The building represents a locally unusual auditorium style plan which incorporates elements of Akron Plan design. The 1830 church was altered in 1892 to create a two-story building, add an octagonal tower, and create a flexible meeting space in an auditorium style design. This comprehensive alteration is significant as it reflects innovative church configurations of the period. As patterns of worship have evolved Akron Plan elements have often been altered to accommodate new trends. The frequency of similar designs is also limited in this rural area of the state with scattered small towns and generally conservative tastes. The period of significance is the 1892 construction date for the comprehensive building redesign. Criteria Consideration A applies as the church is owned by a religious organization and still functions as a church. The building meets the Criteria Consideration as it is being nominated solely for its architectural significance and not for any religious association.


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