Leonard Hotel

Also known as: Leonard Apartments
205 W Granite Street, Butte, MT

Five story brick apartment building built in 1906


Leonard Hotel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



Construction on the Leonard was begun in March of 1906 as Butte was experiencing an economic boom and there was a great demand for rental units in the growing city.

The Leonard was built from the start to house several classes of tenants. The spacious front apartments for wealthier tenants had extremely tiny kitchens; as the building featured a dining parlor in the basement, it was assumed tenants would take their meals there. In 1910, the Leonard Cafe advertised that it was “the best place in Butte to dine.” Patrons could enjoy a complete dinner for fifty cents. The apartments in the center of the building for middle-class tenants included full bathrooms and moderately-sized kitchens. At the rear of the building, apartments consisted of a single room with a closet and a sink; bathrooms were shared with other tenants. Many of the tenants in earlier years were single women: store clerks, teachers, and nurses. The Leonard was considered very respectable housing.

The myth that Marcus Daly had the Leonard built to block the view of his nemesis, William Clark, whose mansion stands next door, is untrue. When the Leonard was built in 1906, Daly had been dead for 6 years and Clark was seldom at the mansion, as he was a Senator in Washington, D.C.


Built 1906 (885)
Built during 1900s (9,290)
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