Club 13

13 W Broadway, Butte, MT

Art Deco Lounge in building built circa 1884


Club 13

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



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Beneath the 1930s art deco exterior and signage is one of the oldest buildings in Butte's Uptown commercial district. The stone foundation and masonry fabric of this early 1880s building reflect the change to fireproof building materials after 1879, when a catastrophic fire destroyed most of Main Street. In 1884, the two-story building had multiple uses. A millinery shop occupied the first floor, the second floor housed a carpet warehouse, and the basement functioned as a dwelling.

By 1890, Thibault and Inghran ran a saloon on the premises, thereby establishing the building’s major commercial use that continues today. Blue and yellow tile highlight the 1930s ground-floor façade, which adds to the architectural history of this well-seasoned building. The upper-floor façade with its two front windows and decorative parapet preserves the building’s 1880s appearance.

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