Rookwood Hotel

24-26 N Main Street, Butte, MT

Four story brick hotel built in 1912


Rookwood Hotel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



James Pratt, proprietor of the Red Boot and Shoe Company, spent $30,000 on the construction of this hotel/rooming house in 1912. The shoe company occupied the ground floor space through the 1930s.

Large display windows and a Tudor-arched entry, designed to entice customers and guests, enhance the ground floor. Green tile embellishes the facade and caps the unique copper-clad cornice. Inside, a wrought iron staircase with marble treads leads down to the hotel lobby. Marble wainscoting recalls its once-elegant hospitality.

The ground floor also housed “The Town Talk Tailor” for several years in the early 1930s. The lodging house above, renamed the La Salle Hotel in 1938, had more than forty-five rooms. During Prohibition from 1919-1933 the hotel’s thirty working-class lodgers perhaps enjoyed the hidden saloon tucked beneath the sidewalk.The clandestine establishment in the basement had all the trappings of a period speakeasy including a secret entry and two-way mirror.


Built 1912 (929)
Built during 1910s (8,653)
Hotel (2,642)
Montana (1,652)
Silver Bow County, Montana (163)

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