Myra Building

Also known as: Tony's Tin Shop, Myra Brothel
108 S Arizona Avenue, Butte, MT

Two story brick commercial building built circa 1920


Myra Building

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



The oldest section of this building is the front 12 feet of the first floor, built as Tony’s Tin Shop in 1914-15. The shop grew to the east in at least two additions before 1920, when the second floor was added as a small boarding house.

By 1925, the upper floor was rented to a couple who lived in the eastern extension of the second floor and who operated the front portion as a brothel according to family history.

Original elements of the building are preserved. the tin shop has never served any other role. The boarding house/brothel upstairs is relatively small, and would have been a fairly upscale brothel, falling somewhere between the high-class parlor houses and low-end shacks called cribs.


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