Doe's Drugstore

Also known as: Modini's Grand Hotel
120 East Broadway Street Philipsburg, MT

Two story brick & metal store front hotel built in 1887


Doe's Drugstore

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



In the 1880s and 1890s, masonry structures gradually replaced the frame buildings left from Philipsburg’s mining camp days. Doe and Hoyer constructed this commercial brick building in 1887. Modini’s Grand Hotel and Restaurant was located in the west half. M. E. Doe and his sons owned and managed the drug store on the east half of the ground floor until 1969. Doe’s Drug Store even sold the town’s first gasoline, hand pumped from barrels out front. Sheet metal on the store front appears to be from Mesker Brothers Front Builders, St. Louis, Missouri.

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