Saint Patrick's Catholic Church

415 W Alder Street, Walla Walla, WA

Gothic Revival brick church built in 1881


St. Patrick's Church

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2007



St. Patrick's parish was founded in 1859 by Father Toussaint Mesplie. The first church building was a structure consisting of "poles stuck in the ground and covered with shakes". St. Patrick's will relocate to new buildings in 1863, 1865, and 1881.

The Diocese of Walla Walla, a territory extending between the Cascade and Rocky mountains and the borders of Canada and California, was established in 1846 and suppressed in 1853. Augustin Magliore Alexander Blanchet was appointed Bishop of Walla Walla in 1846 and arrived at the Hudsonís Bay Companyís Fort Walla Walla in September 1847. A few months later, after the Whitman massacre, he relocated to the The Dalles.

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