Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

323 Catherine Street, Walla Walla, WA

Gothic Revival church built in 1906


Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2007



The first Episcopal services at Fort Walla Walla were conducted by the Rev. John D. McCarty, D.D. in 1859.The congregation of St. Paulís was founded under the Rev. St. Michael Fackler, Missionary Priest, and the Rt. Rev. Thomas F. Scott, Missionary Bishop of Oregon and Washington Territory in 1864. The Rev. Lemuel H. Wells became the first Rector of the parish in 1871. He arrived to find six communicants in a community of 3,000 people. Services were held in a recreation hall on the second floor of a building which housed a saloon and Stahlís brewery on the ground floor. Weekly rent for the hall was $1. The first parish church, a wooden structure with a spire 103 feet tall, was built at the corner of Third Avenue and Poplar Street in 1873. The building was razed in 1923 but some of the original stained glass survives in the present building.The cornerstone for the present church building at the corner of Birch and Catherine streets was laid in 1902. It is patterned after a church Bishop Wells had seen in Bavaria and consecrated in 1906.

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