Walla Walla Gas & Electric Plant

Also known as: Powerhouse Theater
115 N 6th Avenue, Walla Walla, WA

Brick power station built in 1890 convert into a theater in 2011


Walla Walla Gas & Electric Plant

Photo taken by Richard Doody in June 2011



Walla Walla Gas and Electric Company constructed this brick powerhouse on the former site of a coal gas plant. The brick structure initially housed a 100 horsepower Ball tandem-compound steam engine for driving four dynamos.

In 2011, the interior of the building was transformed into a 300 seat state-of-the-art performing arts theater. The interior design, featuring a thrust stage and balcony seating, was inspired by Blackfriars Theatre in London, England which William Shakespeare and his acting company began using in 1608.

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