Schreiber Log House

040 Main Street, Dufur, OR

Hand hewn log house built in 1901


Schreiber Log House

Photo taken by Richard Doody in April 2010



Joseph and Mary Schreiber with their four sons, Bert, Otto, Carl, and Jack arrived in what is now known as Friend, Oregon in 1898. Joseph and his sons began construction on their log house in 1900 and completed it in 1901. They hand hewed each log, using pine trees from their 320 acre homestead. Four generations of Schreiber's have lived in the log house since its construction. In June 1943 Louie Schreiber, Carl's son, moved into the house with his wife Faye. They lived there until 1973, after which the house stood empty until 1974.The house was moved to its present location at the Dufur Historical Society Museum in October, 1975.


Built 1901 (681)
Built during 1900s (9,295)
House (27,307)
Open to the public (2,897)
Oregon (2,461)
Wasco County, Oregon (78)

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