SS Henderson Paddle-wheel

300 E Port Marina Drive, Hood River, OR

Paddle-wheel from the steamship Henderson built in 1901


SS Henderson Paddle-wheel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in May 2010



The 160-foot stern-wheeler M.F. Henderson was built by the Shaver Transportation Co. in 1901 as a combination freighter and tow-boat. The Henderson worked on the Columbia towing log rafts, pushing barges, and tugging ships.

In December 1956, with a grain ship in tow, the Henderson encountered heavy swells near the mouth of the Columbia. The vessel's hull pounded so hard against the unyielding tow that the crew was forced to beach her near Columbia City. The ship was declared a total loss, and remained beached on the shore until 1964 when it was burned to salvage scrap metal.

The paddle-wheel was removed and placed on display outside the Hood River County History Museum in 1977.

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