Lake Abert and Abert Rim

US Hwy. 395, 5 miles north of Valley Falls, OR

Fault scarp 30 miles long and saline lake 57 sq. miles


Abert Rim

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2013



Lake Abert and Abert Rim offer a classic example of basin and range landscape. Abert Rim is the longest exposed fault scarp in North America, and one of the highest fault scarps in the United States. It towers 2,490’ over Lake Abert, Oregon's only saltwater lake. Its 57 square mile waters and shoreline attract a diverse population of migratory waterfowl. After basaltic flood lavas covered much of eastern Oregon about 5 to 23 million years ago, great blocks of the Earth’s crust subsequently tilted, resulting in the raised scarp and lakebed seen today.

The escarpment and lake were first mapped on December 20, 1843, by John C. Fremont, who named it after Colonel John James Abert, his commanding officer.

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