Rexleigh Mill

In ruins
Rexleigh Road, Cambridge, NY

Ruins of an industrial mill built in 1795


Rexleigh Mill

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 1990



The Rexleigh Mill was originally a grist mill erected by Major Stephen Clapp and Ephram Wheeler. It was later occupied by the Dole Brothers for grinding gypsum which they shipped directly from Nova Scotia. Horace and Hiram Walker occupied the mills 12 years or more(1827-1840). Reverend John Schermerhorn manufactured cement and earthen door knobs for a short time. In August of 1864 Clapps Mills was sold to Baxter of Rutland, Vermont who brought marble to mill for sawing until 1896. Marble Knitting Mill then occupied the premises until circa 1908.

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