Band Saw Monument

1200 Olympic Hwy South, Shelton, WA


Band Saw Monument

Photo taken by Richard Doody in January 2010



The Band Saw Monument is an 11 cast wheel from one of the largest head rigs ever constructed for the purpose of cutting logs into lumber. It was originally built in 1917 to saw large spruce trees for World War I aircraft at a mill in Port Angeles. Weighing in at over two and half tons, the wheel ran on the Shelton water front from 1926 until 1962. The Band Saw rig was powered by steam, and enabled the cutting of old growth timber at diameters of up to 9 feet. This bandmill sawed three billion board feet of timber. The monument was dedicated to the Shelton mill workers by Simpson Timber Company during the 1970 Mason County Forest Festival.

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