Starbuck Brothers Foundry & Machine Shop

Also known as: Starbuck Iron Works
Starbuck Island, Green Island, NY

Iron foundry & machine shop established in 1821


Starbuck Brothers Foundry & Machine Shop

from an 1858 Map of Troy,NY courtesy of the New York Public Library



Brothers Nathaniel and George Starbuck opened their iron foundry on Centre Island (now Starbuck Island) in the Hudson River west of Troy in 1821. Their first products were cast iron parlor and cook stoves but the business soon became a full range foundry, boiler works and machine shop. Starbucks cast the support towers for California's Bidwell Bar suspension bridge in 1855. The bridge still stands and the Starbuck foundry mark is still plainly visible on the towers. The firm cast and erected all the architectural iron for James Bogardus' Tompkins Market and Armory in New York City between 1857 and 1860. That building stood until 1911 when it was torn down to make room for the Cooper Union's new building. Starbucks supplied thousands of mortar and artillery shells to the Union Army during the Civil War. The Starbuck site was cleared to make room for an oil storage terminal in 1918 which in turn has recently been demolished to allow for commercial and residential redevelopment.

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