Bush Memorial Hall, Russell Sage College

Also known as: First Presbyterian Church (1836-1975)
55 First Street, Troy, NY

Greek Revival church built in 1836


Bush Memorial Hall, Russell Sage College

former First Presbyterian Church

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2004



Julia Howard Bush Memorial Center, Russell Sage College, was built in 1836 as the First Presbyterian Church. The Greek Revival building is one of ten surviving examples of architect James Harrison Dakin's work. The building is one of the earliest and most accurate examples of a hexa-style Greek Doric temple built in America. The original sanctuary is an appropriately classical counterpart to the exterior. Interior columns and pilasters are of the Ionic order. A shallow conferred dome capped by skylight cupola further enhances the interior. The grand hall includes three Tiffany stained glass windows, two signed and inscribed, and a massive pipe organ. Russell Sage College acquired the building in 1975 for use as lecture space and concert hall.


19th Century (37,603)
Built 1836 (210)
Built during 1830s (2,703)
New York (6,076)
Rensselaer County, New York (149)
Theater (3,262)

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