Boarding House and Storehouse at Churchill Depot

S of Churchill Dam Rd. 500 ft NE of Chamberlain Dam, T10 R12 WELS, Maine


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Boarding House and Storehouse at Churchill Depot, Piscataquis County, ca. 1926 - 1938 Date listed: 12/31/2018 Criterion A: Industry Criterion C: Architecture Local Significance The Boarding House and Storehouse at Churchill Depot are located in T10 R12 WELS an unincorporated township in northern Piscataquis County, Maine. The two buildings are the remnants of a logging base camp around Churchill Dam on the Allagash River. The property is now part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. The Boarding House is significant under Criterion C Architecture as a distinct building type. Such a communal building is central to any logging camp as combination housing, kitchen, dining hall and administrative center. The building is an intact example of a typical boarding house design for a logging supply camp. Both the Boarding House and Storehouse are significant under Criterion A Industry for their association with the logging industry as vital support buildings in the process of harvesting and moving logs to processing facilities. The period of significance for both begins with the ca. 1926 construction date and ends in 1938 when large scale logging operations based at Churchill Depot ceased.


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