Conkey's Malt House

Also known as: International Shirt & Collar Company Factory
2 River Street, Troy, NY

Five story brick factory building built in 1876


Conkey's Malt House

From The City of Troy & Its Vicinity, A.J. Weise, 1896



Charles F. Conkey began his career in the malting business in 1856 when he partnered with John M. Van Buskirk in a malt house on the corner of Canal Avenue & Second Street. He became sole proprietor of the business in 1860 and four years later purchased the Read Brothers' malt house at Sixth Avenue & Ferry Street.

Conkey purchased a the lot for the present building, 250' along River Street by 130' along Adams, in 1867. Ground was broken for his new malt house in the spring of 1876 and the facility was in production by the fall of that year. The factory was adjacent to the tracks of the New York Central and Troy & Boston railroads and shipped its product to brewers throughout New York and New Englan.

The International Shirt & Collar Company Factory, was organized in 1893 and immediately moved into a large brick factory incorporated sections of Conkey's malt house. The company produced 48,000 collars and cuffs and 6,000 shirts daily until it ceased operations in 1906. The factory was occupied by the Troy Underwear Company thereafter.

The property is currently for sale for redevelopment.

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