Tolhurst Machine Works

Sixth Avenue & Fulton Street, Troy, NY

Four story, Italianate style brick factory built in 1881 demolished in 1950


Tolhurst Machine Works

From The City of Troy & Its Vicinity, A.J. Weise, 1896



William Tolhurst started his company in 1852, moving several times between Troy and Green Island until 1881, when he built This four story structure on the northeast corner of Fulton Street and Sixth Avenue across from the Union Station. Three years later, he took his son into the business, becoming W.H. Tolhurst & Son.

Tolhurst specialized in the manufacture of equipment such as centrifugal dryers for the laundry and textile industries. The company merged with the Wiley-Ellis Company in 1927 to form General Laundry Machine Corporation. The concern went bankrupt in 1931 and the building housing the Troy plant was torn down in 1950.

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