Belli Building

Also known as: Langerman's Tobacco & Segar Warehouse, Melodeon Theatre
722 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA


Originally built in 1849 or 1850 and destroyed by fire in 1851, the Belli Building was immediately rebuilt, using the old walls and foundations. The building is built upon the original raft of planks, six to eight inches thick and to a depth of eight feet laid as a foundation in the mud of what was then Yerba Buena Cove.

The building was first known as Langerman's Tobacco and Segar Warehouse then the Melodeon Theatre where Lotta Crabtree performed. Tenants in the 1860's included commission merchants and an auctioneer. In the early 1870's the building housed a Turkish bath. In 1959, the building was acquired by Melvin Belli and converted to law offices.

The Belli Building was vacated after it was structurally damaged by the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. It was rebuilt in 2004 as apartments but only the fašade survived.

San Francisco Designated Landmark No.9

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