Peaceful Hearts Mural

No longer exists
720 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Mural by English muralist known as Banksy painted in 2010


Peaceful Hearts Mural

Photo taken by Richard Doody in July 2010



The well known though anonymous English street artist and social commentator Banksy visited San Francisco in April 2010 where he left a half dozen of works stenciled and graffitied on several buildings. One, entitled "Peaceful Hearts", features a doctor with stethoscope and bag in hand preparing to examine a peace symbol and heart. The artist reportedly paid the owner of the building housing the Eastern Bakery $50 for the use of the Clay Street wall as his canvas. The owner in turn attempted to preserve the ephemeral work of art, first posting a request in Chinese and English to help preserve it, and later covering it in plexiglass. The effort proved to be in vain. Peaceful Hearts was painted over by 2014.

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