Double Play Bar & Grill

2401 16th Street, San Francisco, CA


The Double Play Bar & Grill was established in the ground floor of this 3 story building on the SW corner of 16th and Bryant streets in 1909. The tavern located kitty corner from the site of Seals Stadium (1931-'59); home of the San Francisco Seals (1931-'57), Mission Reds (1931-'37) and Giants (1958-'59) baseball teams has become the city's Cooperstown. Its walls are covered with portraits of players past and the top of the long gone stadium's flag pole rest behind the bar. Step out its angled corner door where the 1940s era neon sign points towards the Potrero shopping center and you are looking directly at the spot were once Lefty O'Doul coached three sons of a North Beach fisherman named Vince, Dom and Joe DiMaggio.

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