Buddha Amazarashi-No-Hotoke

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA


Buddha Amazarashi-No-Hotoke

Photo taken by Richard Doody in July 2010



Buddha Amazarashi-No-Hotoke (lit. trans. Buddha that sits throughout the sunny and rainy weather without shelter) is an 11 foot tall 1Ĺ ton bronze statue cast in Tajima, Japan in 1796.

The Buddha was brought to San Francisco in 1928 where it was displayed in the Oriental galleries of S.& G. Gump, a dealer in high end furnishings and home decor.

In 1949 the statue was was donated to the San Francisco Park Commission by Richard Gump, the president of Gumpís, in memory of the late A. Livingston Gump. It was installed at he entrance to Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden in March, 1949.

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