Meredith Residence

440 North Twelfth Avenue, Forsyth, MT


"Carpenter Gustav Hoff purchased this lot in 1900, and sometime before 1920 he built this one-story, hipped roof house, likely as an investment. Robert “Shorty” Meredith and his wife Mary bought the residence in 1920 for $2,500. The couple had moved to Forsyth four years earlier; shortly thereafter, Shorty found work at Sickler’s Garage as a mechanic. He is credited with assembling the first twenty-five Ford cars to enter Rosebud County. As was typical for the time, the Merediths paid half the cost of the house up front. Large down payments and five-year mortgages were standard before 1934. That year, the government created the Federal Housing Administration, a New Deal agency that tried to stimulate the economy by aiding potential homebuyers. In 1931, the Merediths hired two men to hand dig a basement and install a rock foundation for $500. Sometime after 1941, they enclosed the front porch to provide much needed room for their large family. Mary raised eight children before her death in 1967. Shorty lived here into the 1980s." - NRHP/Montana Historical Society plaque


Built 1920 (563)
Built during 1920s (8,231)
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Montana (2,186)
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