Henry Elling Clothing Store

314 W Wallace Street, Virginia City, Montana


Henry Elling Clothing Store

Street View

Photo taken by David Jones in August 2019



Street View 


"Henry Elling, one of Montana’s early prominent businessmen, first arrived in Virginia City in 1864 with a small stock of men’s clothing. In 1867, Elling returned to Virginia City and opened a store where the Buford warehouse is now located. Elling moved his thriving business to the prestigious Content’s Corner in 1872. He became involved in buying and selling gold, entered the banking business in 1873, and was eventually involved in most mining and mercantile ventures in the area and in banking throughout Montana. Charles Bovey built this reproduction of the original Elling Store with its Greek Revival storefront and museum display as part of his intent to create “living history.” - NRHP/Montana Historical Society plaque

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