Anaconda Hotel

Also known as: Fairweather Inn
305 W Wallace Street, Virginia City, MT


Anaconda Hotel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 1979



Street View 


"The oldest section of this building, dating to 1863, was first a simple one-story building that housed a restaurant called the “Young American Eating House.” A butcher shop followed from 1866 to the 1880s, and then in the 1880s the building was a hotel/saloon. It became the Anaconda Hotel and Saloon in the 1890s under proprietor Frank McKeen. Renaming it the Fairweather Inn after the discoverer of gold in Alder Gulch, in 1946 Charles Bovey raised the height of the old hotel to two stories and added a “new” façade that duplicates the gold rush-era design of the then-demolished Goodrich House in Bannack." - NRHP/Montana Historical Society plaque


19th Century (38,101)
Built 1863 (238)
Built during 1860s (3,797)
Have Street View (50,215)
Hotel (2,876)
Madison County, Montana (98)
Montana (2,299)

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