Squash A Penny

10570 Doswell Rd, Doswell, VA 23047

Antique store in an ol gneral store from the 1860s


Squash A Penny

Photo taken by Joseph Hinson in February 2006



Originally built in the 1860′s as a general store the property was purchased and turned into an antique store in the 1990ís. Located in what was once known as Hanover Junction, this village today is called Doswell. In this tiny hamlet the tracks of two important railroads intersect; the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac and Virginia Central Railroads.

I stumbled upon this interesting store back in 2006 as I headed up to Pennsylvania to shoot an old steam engine. I had marked two spots in Virginia that I wanted to see. Richmond was one spot, but the much smaller Doswell was the second spot due to it being the spot where the current day Buckingham Branch Railroad and CSX meet. But I was immediately taken back this unique structure right beside the railroad tracks.

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