Stage Island Monument

NE of Hills Beach on Stage Island , .6 mi. N of mouth of Biddeford Pool, Biddeford, Maine


Photo taken by Brian Bartlett in October 2015




LISTED, 8/28/2019

Period of Significance: 1825 to 1969 Criterion A: Maritime History, Transportation Criterion C: Architecture Local Level of Significance The Stage Island Monument is a Federal aid to navigation built in 1825 as a day beacon serving as a visual landmark for mariners. It marks the northern entry to Wood Island Harbor, a sheltered anchorage approximately midway between Portland, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This property is historically significant in York County on the local level. Its period of historical significance begins in 1825 and ends in 1969, fifty years before the present. The Stage Island Monument is one of two nineteenth century monumental day beacons in Maine. It qualifies for inclusion in the National Register under Criteria A and C. This property's significance under Criterion A relates to maritime history and transportation. It exemplifies the Federal governments long-term program to enhance nautical safety in United States waters through constructing and maintaining aids to navigation. The Stage Island Monument qualifies under Criterion C for being a well-preserved example of design and engineering methods used in building early nineteenth century masonry towers. It is largely unchanged from when built and possesses integrity in the historic qualities of design, materials, workmanship, feeling and association. It also occupies its original location in a setting that remains essentially the same as during the period of historical significance. This property has been a significant feature in southeastern Maines maritime landscape for 194 years. It is widely recognized as a York County historic landmark.


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