Chicago Great Western Railway Depot

311 E Bremer Street

Chicago Great Western Railway Depot


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History: This one-story building, today used as a restaurant, was constructed in 1904 as a passenger depot for the Chicago Great Western Railway (CGW). It is located on the north side of E. Bremer Avenue, oriented at a northwest/southeast angle to align with the railroad tracks (since abandoned and replaced by a paved bike lane). The building is 24x80 ft. with the long east side aligned parallel to the tracks/bike lane. It has a stone foundation, solid red brick walls bonded with matching mortar, and a gabled roof with a central chimney stack. The roof is covered today by a standing seam metal roof. A brick beltcourse marks the division between foundation and walls. Each long side of the building has wide overhanging eaves with large, supporting knee braces. These overhangs are re-creations of the original CGW overhangs, which were removed during the 1950s by the railroad when the depot was reroofed.

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Building now a restaurant. Interior was renovated for the restaurant, but structure seems remarkably intact. Some framed photos of the depot when used by the railroad hang inside. The depot was a stop for the “Star Clipper” dinner train, which ceased operations in 1997.


Bremer County, Iowa (13)
Built 1904 (852)
Built during 1900s (9,434)
Iowa (2,522)
Railroad (1,962)
Railroad depot (1,555)

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