J.D. Streett Petroleum

214 W State Route BB

Warehouse, most recently used by J.D.Streett Petroleum


North side

This is the side facing the railroad, with a rather unusual roof of multiple short span pitched roofs joined together.

Photo taken by fmiser, 2020 Jan

License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)



Street View 


A warehouse that was built to supply petroleum trucks, and to be serviced by a railroad siding. The siding has been abandoned, and it appears the building is too. There is as sign on the south side that says "J.D. Streett", but the building may be connected to Delano gas stations.


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J.D. Streett Petroleum
Posted January 20, 2021, by fmiser

Vintage Aerial has this labeled as the former MFA Exchange building


J.D. Streett Petroleum
Posted February 15, 2020, by fmiser (fmiser [at] gmail [dot] com)

I noticed the unusual roof of the north side of this building when I was looking at the empty lot from the spanish looking hotel like building on the other side of the tracks.


I found one article on the history of this structure.


This suggests that the warehouse may have been for a timber business by Jay Delano when he moved to the area about 1890. The company started a gas station in 1928. The business was sold in 2016, presumably the building was abandoned then.