Marsh Hotel

128 East Main Street, Van Wert, OH

Past hotel that was a train station and control station


Overview Looking Southwest

The hotel is across the street from the Van West County Courthouse.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2020




The Marsh Hotel, also referred to as the Hotel Marsh, was a luxurious hotel when it opened in 1915. The hotel was once an interurban station and a Lincoln Highway Control Station. (A Control Station was a known location, like a modern mile marker zero, where drivers could calibrate their odometers in order to follow drivers' guides.)

The building is no longer used as a hotel but the ballroom is for rent as a popular venue for weddings.

The hotel had 50 rooms with both electric and gas lights.


Built 1915 (841)
Built during 1910s (8,940)
Hotel (2,909)
In operation (2,694)
Lincoln Highway (84)
Ohio (5,237)
Van Wert County, Ohio (14)

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