Hallman Chevrolet Building

Also known as: SPoT Coffee, Chevy Place
200 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

Former Chevrolet dealership now an apartment building mixed with retail space


Overview Looking Northeast

This remarkable Art Deco building was built in 1939 to house a Chevrolet dealer. The two story showroom is marked by a two story entrance flanked with fluted, stainless steel, columns. A clock tops it off, emblazoned with the Chevrolet bow tie logo. The word "Chevrolet" is spelled out in red neon in a period font. Amazingly, other than the name of the coffee shop over the door, the building appears as it did when new cars were displayed here.

The south and west walls appear to be covered with black structural glass, keeping with the art deco theme.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2020




The Hallman's Chevrolet building is faced with black structural glass and stainless steel. The building itself is from the early 1900s but Hallman gave it this Streamline Art Deco facelift in 1936. The huge arched window, neon signs and clock, are all original.

In 2000, this building was converted into Chevy Place: a 77-unit apartment complex with ground-level retail space. The main tenant is SPoT Coffee which has divided the showroom floor into four sections. There are four other SPoT stores in Western New York.

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