Highland Park Diner

Also known as: Dauphin's Superior Diner
960 Clinton Avenue South, Rochester, NY

Classic streamline diner in its original location


Overview Looking Southeast

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in September 2020




The Highland Park Diner was manufactured by the Orleans Diner Company of Albion, NY, which is just west of Rochester in Orleans County. It was likely built in the late 1940s, during Orleans Diner Company's short life span. They only built 3 or 4 diners and this may be the only one extant.

It opened on this site as Dauphin's Superior Diner but it folded up in 1974. Ir reopened in 1976 as an off track betting parlor that closed in 1986. The diner was restored to its original glory and reopened as the Highland Park Diner. It is a popular restaurant in the Swillburg neighborhood or Rochester.

It is reported that this was the prototype diner for a Danbury Mint model.

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Highland Park Diner
Posted September 10, 2020, by Chet Gehman (gehmanc2000 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Richard Gutman, author of "American Diner Then & Now, writes "Orleans Manufacturing (1947-1948) is thought to have built only two diners. One is extant. Originally called Dauphin's Superior Diner, in Rochester, New York, it was recently restored and reopened as the Highland Park Diner on its original site."