Hillside Cemetery

4065 Holley Byron Rd, Holley, NY 14470

19th Century Cemetery



"Hillside Cemetery is significant as a distinctive example of cemetery design combining two important expressions of nineteenth and twentieth century cemetery landscape types. Located in the eastern part of Orleans County, Hillside Cemetery has served the needs of the residents of the village of Holley and the town of Clarendon since1866. The eastern half of the cemetery began as a rural cemetery, characterized by its park-like appearance and terraced landscaping carved into the side of a hill. The cemetery monuments display symbolism common to the mid and late-nineteenth century that emphasized the emotional and sentimental Victorian attitude toward death and commemoration. The western portion of the cemetery, on the opposite side of South Holley Road, embodies the characteristics of the later lawn-park cemetery style, which was more open and park-like than the picturesque rural cemetery, reflecting a movement toward a more efficient use of space and improved management. The stone mortuary chapel at the north edge of the cemetery is an excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture that also provided a practical and efficient solution to times when graveside services were impossible (winter, inclement weather, etc.) with its large underground receiving vault. From the chapel, both sections of the cemetery are visible, providing a sense of how attitudes toward death and burial were influenced by national trends for the people in Holley and Clarendon."

Quotation from the National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form prepared by Erin Anheier, March 21, 2012. A link to the document is listed below under "Sources."

Added to the NRHP June 25, 2013.


19th Century (37,858)
Built 1866 (280)
Built during 1860s (3,774)
Cemetery (1,140)
In operation (2,300)
New York (6,183)
Orleans County, New York (23)

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