Dover-Foxcroft Commercial Historic District

1-103 East Main St., Dover-Foxcroft


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Date listed: 9/10/2021

Criterion A: Commerce Criterion A: Communication Criterion A: Entertainment/Recreation Criterion C: Architecture Period of Significance: 1836 - 1971 Local Level of Significance The Dover-Foxcroft Commercial Historic District located in the town of Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine, is significant under National Register Criterion A in the areas of Commerce, Communication, Entertainment and Recreation. Developed between the town's two woolen mills over many decades, the district has been a primary center for these areas of significance in the community. As the county seat for Piscataquis County and the town with the largest population in the county, Dover-Foxcroft has been the county's service and retail center since the nineteenth century. Because the portion of East Main Street within the district boundaries connects the various roads that come into town from the surrounding communities, this portion of downtown can be considered the "crossroads" of the county and its most significant commercial center. The Dover-Foxcroft Commercial Historic District is also significant under National Register Criterion C in the area of Architecture as a significant and distinguishable entity. The 19 buildings comprise a visually cohesive grouping of commercial, institutional, and mixed-use commercial and residential buildings built between 1836 and 2020 which collectively retain a high degree of historic integrity. The district also possesses significance under Criterion C for the way in which many of the buildings express the distinct characteristics of nineteenth and twentieth century types, periods and methods of construction used in rural Maine communities. The three buildings for which architects have been identified demonstrate the influence of the Greek Revival, Romanesque Revival, Italianate, early Twentieth Century Commercial, and Art Deco styles. The non-contributing resources are one building from the period of significance which had two stories added in 2020 and a metal storage building of recent construction. Character defining features of the district include many buildings built to the lot lines, common setbacks, commercial storefronts on nearly all of the buildings, predominantly wood-frame construction, false fronts, and flat roofs on many of the buildings. The period of significance for the district, 1836 -1971, represents the date of the earliest extant building in the district and extends to fifty years before the present


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