The Dinsmore Homestead

5656 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY


Photo taken by Bill Eichelberger in June 2022




"James and Martha Macomb Dinsmore moved from La. to raise their three daughters here. Completed in 1842, the main house served as the center of a typical large, antebellum Boone Co. farm. Tenants and slaves raised grains, grapes, sheep, and orchard produce for the Cincinnati market, while German immigrants made willow baskets. After the Civil War tobacco became the crop of choice.

(Reverse) After her parents and sisters died, Julia Dinsmore raised her nieces, preserved the home as a retreat for family & friends, and ran the farm for 54 years. She kept a journal of her life on the farm and became a published poet in 1910. After her death in 1926, the farm passed to her great-niece, Isabella Greenway, the first congresswoman from Az."

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