Archaeological site

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Acoma (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Adena Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Alligator Effigy Mound (Licking County, Ohio)
Anderson Mesa Incline (Coconino County, Arizona)
Angel Mounds (Vanderburgh County, Indiana)
Antelope Cave (Mohave County, Arizona)
Apalachicola Fort (Russell County, Alabama)
An archaeological site near Holy Trinity, Alabama.
APOLLO (Storeship) (San Francisco County, California)
Archeological Site No. 1LA102 (Lawrence County, Alabama)
Archeological Site No. 1MC110 (Macon County, Alabama)
Ashcroft, Colorado (Pitkin County, Colorado)
Atasi Site (Macon County, Alabama)
Austin Brown Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Awatovi Ruins (Navajo County, Arizona)
Aztalan (Jefferson County, Wisconsin)
Bee Burrow archeological district (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Big Hidatsa Village Site (Mercer County, North Dakota)
Bighorn Cave (Mohave County, Arizona)
Bullethead (Coconino County, Arizona)
Camp Beale Springs (Mohave County, Arizona)
Capt. James Moore Homestead (Tazewell County, Virginia)
Carter Caves Pictograph (Carter County, Kentucky)
Cedar-Bank Works (Ross County, Ohio)
Chaco Culture National Historical Park (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Charles Metzger Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Checkered Men (Coconino County, Arizona)
Chief Looking's Village site (32BL3) (Burleigh County, North Dakota)
Chimney Rock National Historic Site (Morrill County, Nebraska)
Chucalissa Indian Village (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Clear Creek Pueblo and Caves (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Confederate Breastworks (Cumberland County, North Carolina)
Coombs Village Site (Garfield County, Utah)
Coon Hunters Mound (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Cowee Mound and Village Site (Macon County, North Carolina)
Crow Canyon archeological district (San Juan County, New Mexico)
D.S. Rose Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
David Stitt Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Davis Works (Hocking County, Ohio)
Demoret Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
Dismal Rock Shelter Petroglyphs (Edmonson County, Kentucky)
Native American Petroglyphs inside cliff face rock shelter.
Eagle Township Works (Brown County, Ohio)
Edith Ross Mound (Hocking County, Ohio)
Etowah Mounds (Unspecified county, Georgia)
Ety Enclosure (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Ety Habitation Site (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Fairfield Township Works I (Butler County, Ohio)
Far West (Caldwell County, Missouri)
Fewke's Fort Below Aztec Pass (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Fort Clifton Archaeological Site (Colonial Heights, Virginia)
Fort Loudoun Site (Winchester, Virginia)
Fort Mill Ridge Civil War Trenches (Hampshire County, West Virginia)
Considered the best preserved trenchworks from the Civil War
Fort Mitchell Historic Site (Russell County, Alabama)
The park features a reconstruction of the 1813 stockade fort that was an important post in the Creek War, a museum with exhibits about the fort's history and a collection of historic carriages, a restored 19th century log home, and a visitor center.
Fort Moore-Savano Town Site (Aiken County, South Carolina)
Fortified Hill Works (Butler County, Ohio)
Fortner Mounds I, II (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Fosters Site (20SA74) (Saginaw County, Michigan)
Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park (St. Johns County, Florida)
Frankfort Works Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Gaitskill Mound Archeological Site (Montgomery County, Kentucky)
Gartner Mound and Village Site (Ross County, Ohio)
George Deffenbaugh Mound (Hocking County, Ohio)
Germantown (Webster Parish, Louisiana)
Giant City Stone Fort Site (Jackson County, Illinois)
Glenford Fort (Perry County, Ohio)
Governors Island (Swain County, North Carolina)
Gran Quivera Historic District (Socorro County, New Mexico)
Grand Forks (Shoshone County, Idaho)
Grand Town Site (Ellis County, Oklahoma)
Grand Village of the Natchez Indians (Adams County, Mississippi)
Grand Wash Archeological District (Mohave County, Arizona)
Great Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
Guadalupe Ruin (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
Hamilton Farm Petroglyphs (Monongalia County, West Virginia)
Hardaway Site (Stanly County, North Carolina)
Harrington Archaeological Site (Montgomery County, Alabama)
Hartley Mound (Franklin County, Ohio)
Small Adena mound
Hatalacva Ruin (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Hawikuh (Valencia County, New Mexico)
Hawikuh (Cibola County, New Mexico)
Head Hunters (Coconino County, Arizona)
Heavener Runestone (Le Flore County, Oklahoma)
High Banks Works (Ross County, Ohio)
Holcombe Site (Macomb County, Michigan)
Hopeton Earthworks (Ross County, Ohio)
Hopewell Mound Group (Ross County, Ohio)
Hovenweep National Monument (Montezuma County, Colorado)
Howard Baum Site (33RO270) (Ross County, Ohio)
Hueston Woods Park Mound (Preble County, Ohio)
Indian Cave Petroglyphs (Harrison County, West Virginia)
Native American Rock Art from between 500 CE and 1675 CE
Indian Key (Monroe County, Florida)
Indian Point Fort (Lake County, Ohio)
Jere Shine Site (Montgomery County, Alabama)
John Brown Tannery Site (Crawford County, Pennsylvania)
John Galbreath Mound (Franklin County, Ohio)
Judaculla Rock (Jackson County, North Carolina)
Julien Inscription (San Juan County, Utah)
Karshner Mound (Hocking County, Ohio)
Kerr Indian Mound (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Kincaid Mounds (Massac County, Illinois)
Kinzer Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Koster Site (Greene County, Illinois)
Koweta Mission Site (Wagoner County, Oklahoma)
Kuaua ruin (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
La Grange Rock Shelter (Colbert County, Alabama)
Leo Petroglyph (Jackson County, Ohio)
Liddell Archeological Site (Wilcox County, Alabama)
A prehistoric Native American site.
Loy Butte Pueblo (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Mann Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
Markham Mound (Vinton County, Ohio)
Miami Circle at Brickell Point Site (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Minertown-Oneva (Forest County, Wisconsin)
Monks Mound (Madison County, Illinois)
Mount Elizabeth Archeological Site (Martin County, Florida)
Mowry Bluff Archeological Site (Frontier County, Nebraska)
Nequasee (Macon County, North Carolina)
Nequasset, Woolwich, Maine (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
Abnaki Settlement Formerly located at Woolwich
Nettle Lake Mound Group (Williams County, Ohio)
4 Hopewell Indians mounds
Nettles Mound (Williams County, Ohio)
New Russia Site (Yakutat Borough, Alaska)
Nocoroco (Volusia County, Florida)
North Carolina Arsenal Site (Cumberland County, North Carolina)
Northwest Point (Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota)
The northernmost point in the contiguous United States
Nuvakwewtaqa (Coconino County, Arizona)
Obsidian Cliff (Park County, Wyoming)
Old Davidsonville State Historic Monument (Randolph County, Arkansas)
Old Dorchester (Dorchester County, South Carolina)
Old Hanna's Town (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
Old Maid's Orchard Mound (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Parowan Gap petroglyphs (Iron County, Utah)
Pawnee Indian Village Site (Republic County, Kansas)
Perry Mesa Archeological District (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Perryville (Pittsburg County, Oklahoma)
Picture Canyon Archaeological Site (Coconino County, Arizona)
Piketon Mounds (Pike County, Ohio)
Pinckneyville (Union County, South Carolina)
Original district court location for the Pinckney District in what is now northern Union County, SC
Pioneer Aztalan Site (Jefferson County, Wisconsin)
A collection of structures showing 19th Century Wisconsin life
Pithole City (Venango County, Pennsylvania)
Former oil town
Poverty Point National Monument (West Carroll Parish, Louisiana)
Pueblo Grande de Nevada (Clark County, Nevada)
Puye cliff dwellings (Sandoval County, New Mexico)
Ranger Station Mound (Vinton County, Ohio)
Ratcliffe Mound (Vinton County, Ohio)
Ridge Ruin Archeological District (Coconino County, Arizona)
Ringhoffer Inscription (Grand County, Utah)
Roberts Mound (Butler County, Ohio)
Rock Family (Coconino County, Arizona)
Rocketeers (Coconino County, Arizona)
Roods Landing Site (Stewart County, Georgia)
Sacred Mountain (Mohave County, Arizona)
Saginaw & Manistee Camp 2 (Coconino County, Arizona)
Salmon ruins (San Juan County, New Mexico)
Sams Plantation Complex Tabby Ruins (Beaufort County, South Carolina)
Santa Catalina Island (Los Angeles County, California)
History of Catalina Island
Schoenbrunn Site (Tuscarawas County, Ohio)
Sears Kay Ruins (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Ancient Indian ruins
Sego Canyon Rock Art (Grand County, Utah)
Seven Mile Island Archeological District (Lauderdale County, Alabama)
Sevier's Tavern (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
Stagecoach and wagon stop
Sewee Mound (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Shell Mound (Site) (Alameda County, California)
Simon Canyon (San Juan County, New Mexico)
Skegemog Point Site (Grand Traverse County, Michigan)
Period of Significance: 1499-1000 AD, 1000-500 AD
Spikebuck Town Mound and Village Site (Clay County, North Carolina)
Spruce Hill Works (Ross County, Ohio)
Stackhouse Mound and Works (Knox County, Ohio)
Story Mound State Memorial (Ross County, Ohio)
Sutherland Wash Rock Art District (Pima County, Arizona)
Sycamore Cliff Dwelling (Mohave County, Arizona)
T.C. Campbell Mound (Ross County, Ohio)
Taft Archeological Site #029-5411 (Fairfax County, Virginia)
Tarlton Cross Mound (Fairfield County, Ohio)
The Foster Site (Charlottesville, Virginia)
The Great Hunt Panel (Carbon County, Utah)
Theodore B. Schaer Mound (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Town Creek Indian Mound (Montgomery County, North Carolina)
Archaeological Site & National Historic Landmark Landmark near Mt. Gilead, NC
Track Rock Archaeological Site (Union County, Georgia)
Traverse des Sioux (Nicollet County, Minnesota)
Tutuveni (Coconino County, Arizona)
Twins (Coconino County, Arizona)
Union Township Works II (Butler County, Ohio)
Ute Memorial Site (Montrose County, Colorado)
Valencia Site (Pima County, Arizona)
Wade Archeological Site (Charlotte County, Virginia)
Wahkpa Chu'gn Buffalo Jump (Hill County, Montana)
Willow Springs (Coconino County, Arizona)