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Aero Diner (Windham County, Connecticut)
Fully restored 1950's era diner.
Agawam Diner (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Al Mac's Diner--Restaurant (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Al's Diner (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Andy's Cafe (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Ann's Diner (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Arizona Cafe (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Arthur's Paradise Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Classic diner, home of the "delicious" Boott Mill Sandwich in Lowell
B & B's Diner (Gentry County, Missouri)
Barney's Beanery (Los Angeles County, California)
Big Daddy's Chicken (Peoria County, Illinois)
Blue Colony Diner (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Blue Moon Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Worcester Lunch Car Co. diner #815
Bluebonnet Diner (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
A classic Worcester Co. diner in the original location in Northampton.
Bone's Diner (Greenbrier County, West Virginia)
Boulevard Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Bristol Diner (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
One of two diners built by Pollard still existing.
Brownlee Diner (Deaf Smith County, Texas)
Caffe' Piccalo (Rock Island County, Illinois)
Diner was moved in 2010 to an undisclosed location for restoration as Papa Du's BBQ.
Capitol Diner (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Casey's Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Tiny 10-stool diner in Natick
Cassidy's Diner (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Cattleman's Cafe (Potter County, Texas)
Center Diner (Westchester County, New York)
Classic diner built by the National Diner Co., it was the "Sunset Diner" in the "Little Lulu" comic strip.
Chadwick Square Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Rare early version of a streetcar inspired diner
Champ's Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Charlie's Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
A classic restored diner
Charlie's Diner (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Fodero Dining Car Company diner in West Springfield.
Charlie's Restaurant (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Chelsea Royal Diner (Windham County, Vermont)
Classic-style diner built by the Worcester Lunch Car Co.
Cindy's Diner (Allen County, Indiana)
Claudette's 1921 Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Club Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Clydes Diner (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Collins Diner (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Corner Lunch (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Country Girl Diner (Windham County, Vermont)
Dan's Diner (Columbia County, New York)
A restored 1925 O'Mahony classic.
Dave's Diner (Kennebec County, Maine)
Day And Night Diner (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Classic Worcester Lunch Car Company diner in Palmer
Diner on 55th (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Dishes Restaurant (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Originally known as the Aetna Diner, it has been closed since 2000.
Downtown Diner (Angelina County, Texas)
Elizaville Diner (Columbia County, New York)
A late 50's Kullman diner
Emerald Diner (Trumbull County, Ohio)
Four Sisters Owl Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Classic Worcester Semi-Streamliner
Frank's Diner (Kenosha County, Wisconsin)
An old school diner still in use and appearing pretty much as it did when it was new
Garfield Diner (Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania)
A 1954 Kullman Diner in Pottsville.
Golden Dragon Restaurant (Quay County, New Mexico)
Grand Diner (Clay County, Iowa)
Griff's Hamburgers (Pettis County, Missouri)
Haye's Hamburgers (Jackson County, Missouri)
Highland Park Diner (Monroe County, New York)
Classic streamline diner in its original location
Hill's Cafe (Oldham County, Texas)
I-84 Diner (Dutchess County, New York)
A DeRaffele diner, remodeled in 1997
Izzy's Diner & Pizza (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Classic diner; exterior spoiled by faux stonework; in Adams
J&Es Yankee Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Originally installed in Leominster and moved here in 1969, now under new management.
Jack's Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Joe's Diner (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Joe's Pasty Shop (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Kathy's Diner (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Closed since 2013. Interior gutted. In Northampton
Kenwood Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Presently closed, will reopn as "Haymaker's Grille"
L&H Deli-licious (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Lamy's Diner (Wayne County, Michigan)
A classic diner located within the Henry Ford Museum.
Landrum's Hamburger System No. 1 (Washoe County, Nevada)
Lettie's Restaurant (Guadalupe County, New Mexico)
Lil' Cafe (Ottawa County, Oklahoma)
Little Chef Diner (Danville, Virginia)
Little Chef's Diner (Floyd County, Indiana)
Lloyd's Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
A nicely restored little diner in Framingham
Lou Esper Barber Stylist (La Porte County, Indiana)
Lou's Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Small classic diner remodeled by Worcester Lunch in 1950's.
Lucky Dog Diner (Sarasota County, Florida)
Lucy's Cafe (Wheeler County, Texas)
Lyndon Diner (York County, Pennsylvania)
Previously known as the Starlite Diner until sold in 2007.
Ma's Coffee Pot Diner (Van Buren County, Michigan)
Started out as a Valentine Diner, Now Closed
Main Street Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
A classic diner built by Master Diners Inc.
Maine Street Historic District (Churchill County, Nevada)
Makris Midtown Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Martindale Chief Diner (Columbia County, New York)
Meadows Restaurant (Quay County, New Mexico)
Mel's Drive-In (Los Angeles County, California)
Millbrook Diner (Dutchess County, New York)
Classic 50's O'Mahony diner
Miss Bellows Falls Diner (Windham County, Vermont)
The only completely intact example in Vermont of a barrel-roofed Worcester Co. product.
Miss Florence Diner (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
An historic diner in the Florence section of Northampton
Miss Mendon Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Miss Washington Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
A classic Kullman diner.
Miss Worcester Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Modern Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Modern Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Monarch Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Monte Carlo Cafe (Coconino County, Arizona)
Moran Square Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Munson Diner (Sullivan County, New York)
Nancy's Little Giant Diner (Clinton County, Ohio)
Nancy's Main Street Diner (Lorain County, Ohio)
Neptune Diner (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Nite Owl Diner (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Norm's Diner (New London County, Connecticut)
O'Rourke's Diner (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Oakhurst Diner (Dutchess County, New York)
Re-opened as the Oakhurst Diner in 2010.
Ocean House (Westchester County, New York)
A Bixler Manufacturing Co. diner converted to a restaurant.
Olympia Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Moved here from Massachusetts in 1954, it is possily the largest O'Mahony ever built.
Owl Night Lunch Wagon (Wayne County, Michigan)
The precursor of today's diner.
Palace Diner (York County, Maine)
One of two diners still in existence built by the Pollard Company of Lowell, MA
Paula's Slow Down Diner (Hall County, Texas)
Persy's Place (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Pete's Crossing Diner (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Pioneer Lounge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Public House Diner (Windsor County, Vermont)
Quaker Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Classic diner, built on-site.
Ranch House Cafe (Carson County, Texas)
Road Island Diner (Summit County, Utah)
Fully restored diner of the Jerry O'Mahony Co. #1107
Rosebud, The (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Route 66 Diner (Custer County, Oklahoma)
Route 66 Diner (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Route 66 Diner (Pulaski County, Missouri)
Ruthie & Moe's Diner (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
A 1938 O'Mahony Diner
Salem Diner (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Now operated by Salem State University since January, 2014
Sam's Diner (Dare County, North Carolina)
Sandy Hook Diner (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Classic barrel-roofed diner of the 1920's
Shanghai Diner (Windsor County, Vermont)
Worcester Diner converted to Chinese restaurant in 1980's, in Springfield
Skee's Diner (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Classic-style diner, with steel construction, a distinctive barrel roof, marble countertop, 17 stools in Torrington.
Springfield Royal Diner (Windsor County, Vermont)
State Line Cafe (Laramie County, Wyoming)
Steel Trolley Diner (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Stone's Downtown Diner (Hopewell, Virginia)
Streetcar Diner (Grundy County, Illinois)
A Kankakee streetcar converted to a diner and preserved for display
Sugar Shack Diner (Liberty County, Montana)
T. J. Buckley's Uptown Dining (Windham County, Vermont)
An unusually tiny diner
Ted's Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Was the oldest diner in the country made by The Tierney Diner Co.
The Blue Benn Diner (Bennington County, Vermont)
The Cafe (Coconino County, Arizona)
The Diner (Taos County, New Mexico)
The Little Chef Restaurant (Roanoke, Virginia)
Tin Goose Diner (Ottawa County, Ohio)
A '50s themed diner attached to the Liberty Air Museum
Tina's Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Large, space-age style diner, heavily remodeled.
Town Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Triangle Diner (Winchester, Virginia)
Trolley Pub On Main (Windham County, Connecticut)
A Ward & Dickinson Diner of the 1930's in Willimantic
Union Pacific Dining Lodge (Gallatin County, Montana)
Village Café (San Bernardino County, California)
Village Diner (Dutchess County, New York)
Moved here from Rhinebeck, NY
Walker's Diner (Prince Edward County, Virginia)
West Side Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
One of two Kullman Diners in Rhode Island
West Taghkanic Diner (Columbia County, New York)
A classic Mountain View diner. The sign is original from 1955.
Wethersfield Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Whately Diner (Franklin County, Massachusetts)
Classic Kullman "Princess" style diner
White Mana Diner (Hudson County, New Jersey)
Wilson's Cafe (Flathead County, Montana)
Wilson's Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Wimpy's (Potter County, Texas)
Windsor Diner (Windsor County, Vermont)
Winsted Diner (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Zip's Diner (Windham County, Connecticut)