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A. B. Hess Cigar Factory, and Warehouses (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
A.O. Smith Co. Automated Frame Assembly Line (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A large campus of manufacturing, including automobile frames, farm equipement and numerous other products.
Abandoned Lime Cement Factory (Baker County, Oregon)
Former abandoned cement factory of I-84
Abernathy Furniture Company Factory (Leavenworth County, Kansas)
AK Steel Zanesville Plant (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Amalgamated Sugar Company Nampa factory (Canyon County, Idaho)
Sugar Refining plant in Nampa Idaho
American Cigar Factory (Greenville County, South Carolina)
American Net and Twine Company Factory (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Amity Leather Products Company Factory (Washington County, Wisconsin)
Once the largest wallet-making facility in the world, now an apartment building.
Armstrong Knitting Factory (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Ashworth and Jones Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Bartlett's Blacksmith Shop (Madison County, Montana)
Beatty's Mills Factory Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Beet Sugar Factory (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Bent, G.H., Company Factory (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Berger Factory (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Bona Allen Shoe and Horse Collar Factory (Gwinnett County, Georgia)
Borden Milk Co. Creamery and Ice Factory (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Brandreth Pill Factory (Westchester County, New York)
Brooklyn Tobacco Factory (Halifax County, Virginia)
Brown Shoe Company Factory (Montgomery County, Illinois)
Bull Durham Tobacco Factory (Durham County, North Carolina)
Butte Brewing Company (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Butte Carriage Works (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Campana Factory (Kane County, Illinois)
Casting Solutions Zanesville Plant (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Located on Licking Road
Cheese-vat Factory (Lake County, Ohio)
Churchill Weavers, Inc. (Madison County, Kentucky)
Cigar Factory (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Clark Brothers Factory No. 1 (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Clark Brothers Factory No. 2 (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Cleminshaw Building (Rensselaer County, New York)
Five story, six bay brick garment factory building built in 1885
Climber Motor Car Factory, Unit A (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Coca Cola Syrup Plant (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Streamline Moderne industrial plant built 1941
Colgate Clock (Clark County, Indiana)
The Third Largest Clock in America
Colorado Sanitary Canning Factory (Adams County, Colorado)
Conestee Mill (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Consolidated Ice Company Factory No. 2 (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Cooksville Cheese Factory (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Crowley Cheese Factory (Rutland County, Vermont)
Cummings Shoe Factory (York County, Maine)
Curtiss-Wright Aeroplane Factory (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Dennison Manufacturing Co. Paper Box Factory (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Dent Hardware Company Factory Complex (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
E. Barq Pop Factory (Harrison County, Mississippi)
Edenton Peanut Factory (Chowan County, North Carolina)
Elsinore Sugar Factory (Sevier County, Utah)
Ely and Walker Shirt Factory No. 5 (Dunklin County, Missouri)
Estey Organ Company Factory (Windham County, Vermont)
Factory Site (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Fellows & Company (Rensselaer County, New York)
Four story brick factory building built after 1862
Follmer, Clogg and Company Umbrella Factory (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Frank Prasch Blacksmith Shop (Madison County, Montana)
Franklin County Sugar Company (Franklin County, Idaho)
Built in 1920 by Franklin County Sugar Company Bought By Amalgamted Sugar Company 1960
Fuhremann Canning Company Factory (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Industrial building that appears to have been replaced by living quarters
Giant Powder Company (Point Pinole) (Contra Costa County, California)
Gilbert Clock Factory (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Goodall Building (Boyle County, Kentucky)
Grand Rapids Cycle Company Factory (Kent County, Michigan)
Haas Candy Factory (San Francisco County, California)
Hamilton--Brown Shoe Factory (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hamilton--Brown Shoe Factory (Boone County, Missouri)
Hammond Organ Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Harley--Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
World Headquarters of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Hasker and Marcuse Factory (Richmond, Virginia)
Heywood Chair Factory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Howell and Brothers Paper Hangings Manufactory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Hoyt Shoe Factory (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Intervale Factory (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Iowa Canning Company Seed House Building (Benton County, Iowa)
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on March 12, 2012 (12000094)
J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory (Green Lake County, Wisconsin)
J.F. Budd Baby Shoe Factory (Burlington County, New Jersey)
Jett Marble Works (Baker County, Oregon)
John Glaser Pottery Factory (Franklin County, Missouri)
Jung Carriage Factory (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Richardsonian Romanesque style manufacturing facility now retail and office space
Jung Shoe Manufacturing Company Factory (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Former shoe manufacturing facility converted to apartment building
Kimball Brothers Shoe Factory (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
King Trunk Factory and Showroom (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Kitzmeyer Furniture Factory (Carson City, Nevada)
Knowlton Hat Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Kohler Company Factory Complex (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Kraus Corset Factory (New Haven County, Connecticut)
La Luz Pottery Factory (Otero County, New Mexico)
Las Dos Naciones Cigar Factory (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
Linde Air Products Factory (Erie County, New York)
Lion Factory, James K.P. Pine Company (Rensselaer County, New York)
Six story brick textile factory built between 1884 & 1897
Lonaconing Silk Mill (Allegany County, Maryland)
Last intact silk mill in America
Lowney Chocolate Factory (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Matthews and Willard Factory (New Haven County, Connecticut)
McCleery Calendar Factory (Washington County, Iowa)
McPhee and McGinnity Paint Factory (Denver County, Colorado)
Meriden Curtain Fixture Company Factory (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Michigan Condensed Milk Factory (Isabella County, Michigan)
Middishade Clothing Factory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Miller Corset Company Factory (Ontario County, New York)
Former manufacturing facility being converted to commerical and residential space
Miller Hall & Hartwell Building (Rensselaer County, New York)
Five story brick factory building built in 1880 with 1891 addition
Milleysack, J. B. Cigar Factory (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Milwaukee Paper Box Company (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Model Tobacco Factory (Richmond, Virginia)
Monarch Knitting Company Factory (Erie County, New York)
Mosiac Tile Factory (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Former Mosiac Tile Plant in Zanesville, Ohio
National Clothespin Factory (Washington County, Vermont)
New England Confectionery Company Factory (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Newport Steam Factory (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Noble and Cooley Drum Co. (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
The oldest drum manufacturing company in the United States, in Granville
Northwestern Knitting Company Factory (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Nunn-Bush Shoe Company Factory (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Former shoe factory repurposed to dwelling space and community center
Old Bag Factory (Elkhart County, Indiana)
Brick factory building and brick power house.
Old Paint Mill Social Hall (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Former paint factory now used as a banquet/social hall
Owens-Brockway Glass Zanesville Plant (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Zanesville Location for Owens-Illinois' glass making empire
PAD Factory, The (Essex County, New York)
Pamplin Pipe Factory (Appomattox County, Virginia)
Peck, Stow & Wilcox Factory (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Philip H. Kasper Cheese Factory (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
Pierce Organ Pipe Factory (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Demolished October 14, 2011
Pilgrim Furniture Company Factory (Ulster County, New York)
Pioneer Trunk Factory--C. A. Malm & Co. (San Francisco County, California)
Portland Bottling Company Plant (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Streamline Moderne industrial plant built 1941
Portland Packing Company Factory (Cumberland County, Maine)
Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory (Dutchess County, New York)
Pratt, Read and Company Factory Complex (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Quaker Oats Cereal Factory (Summit County, Ohio)
Reymer Brothers Candy Factory (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Rice Tobacco Factory (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky)
Rich-McCormick Woolen Factory (Clinton County, Pennsylvania)
Rieger's, C., Sons Factory (Bronx County, New York)
Rock Hill Cotton Factory (York County, South Carolina)
Roscoe Butter and Cheese Factory (Goodhue County, Minnesota)
Roth Cigar Factory (Sarasota County, Florida)
Salisbury Factory Building (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Salisbury Factory Building (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Samoa Pulp Mill (Humboldt County, California)
Wood pulp mill opened in 1965
Sanford Whip Factory (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Sawyer Stores (Yellowstone County, Montana)
Schoenstein and Company Pipe Organ Factory (San Francisco County, California)
Searle, Gardner & Company Factory (Rensselaer County, New York)
Seybold Baking Company Factory (Volusia County, Florida)
Shady Lawn Creamery (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Wood frame commercial buildings built circa 1870
Snellenburg's Clothing Factory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Sohmer and Company Piano Factory (Queens County, New York)
Solla-Carcaba Cigar Factory (St. Johns County, Florida)
Speedwell Village--The Factory (Morris County, New Jersey)
Standard Stamping Company Factory (St. Louis, Missouri)
Startup Candy Factory (Utah County, Utah)
Steppacher, Walter M. and Brother Shirt Factory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Stieff Silver Company Factory (Baltimore, Maryland)
Strouse, Adler Company Corset Factory (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Tack Factory, The (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Taylor's Candy Factory (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Teller Cigar Factory (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Thompson and Company Cigar Factory (Polk County, Florida)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory (New York County, New York)
Troy Stove Lining & Fire Brick Works (Rensselaer County, New York)
Fire Brick and refractory works built in 1871 demolished ca.1935
Van Zandt, Jacobs & Company Factory (Rensselaer County, New York)
Five story Romanesque Revival style brick factory building built in 1895
Walker Body Company Factory (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Washington Cotton Factory (Washington County, Utah)
Weinbrenner Shoe Factory (Wood County, Wisconsin)
Welch Factory Building No. 1 (Chautauqua County, New York)
Wentzville Tobacco Company Factory (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Westclox clock factory, La Salle, IL (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Westclox (Western Clock Co.) factory
Weyenberg Shoe Factory (Dodge County, Wisconsin)
The old brick shoe factory has been rehabbed and repurposed as an apartment building.
Wilbur, Campbell, Stephens Company Factory (Rensselaer County, New York)
William A. Paterson Factory Complex (Genesee County, Michigan)
Wisconsin Wagon Company Factory (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Wolff--Jung Company Shoe Factory (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Exceptionally well-preserved 19th Century industrial building now serving as an apartment building
Worcester Corset Company Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Ybor Factory Building (Hillsborough County, Florida)