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"Spirit of the American Doughboy" Statue (Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
Abraham Lincoln Monument (Albany County, Wyoming)
Statue of Abraham Lincoln in honor of the Lincoln Highway, precursor to I-80
Abraham Lincoln Statue (Larue County, Kentucky)
Abraham Lincoln Statue and Park (Fayette County, Iowa)
A unique statue of Abraham Lincoln is the centerpiece of a town park
Andy Gump (Walworth County, Wisconsin)
A statue of a prominent, albeit fictional, resident of Lake Geneva
Buffalo Bill Statue (Park County, Wyoming)
Chief Black Hawk Statue (Sac County, Iowa)
Chief of the Suquamish Seattle Statue (King County, Washington)
Chief Red Bird Memorial (Calumet County, Wisconsin)
Statue to the memory of Red Bird, Chief of the Winnebago
Dawn of Day (Dodge County, Wisconsin)
The first of Clarence Shaler's sculptures donated to Waupun
Dixon Lincoln Statue (Lee County, Illinois)
Doe and Fawn (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin)
Erastus B. Wolcott, M.D Statue (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Statue of Wisconsin's Pioneering Physician
Gen. Beauregard Equestrain Statue (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
General Friedrich (Baron) von Steuben Monument (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
The only equestrian statue created by J. Otto Schweizer
General Joseph E. Johnston Statue (Whitfield County, Georgia)
General Thaddeus Kosciuszko (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Statue commemorating the Polish hero of the American Revolution
Giant Indian (Vermilion County, Illinois)
John Edwards, Jr. Memorial (Wood County, Wisconsin)
A statue of John Edwards, Jr., the power behind what would become the Port Edwards Paper Company
John's Used Cars Giant (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Lafayette Confederate Memorial (Walker County, Georgia)
Lincoln (Statue) (Champaign County, Illinois)
Lincoln - Todd Statue (Racine County, Wisconsin)
The first statue to feature a President of the United States with his First Lady
Lincoln Statue (Greene County, Iowa)
Memorial Fountain and Statue (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Mennonite Settler Statue (Harvey County, Kansas)
Morning of Life (Green Lake County, Wisconsin)
A striking memorial to the twin sister of the sculptor
Mothman Statue (Mason County, West Virginia)
Otway Burns Statue (Yancey County, North Carolina)
Statue of town namesake in Burnsville, NC
Pioneer Woman Statue (Kay County, Oklahoma)
R.J. Reynolds Statue (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
Public statue in Winston-Salem, NC
Recording Angel, The (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin)
Lorado Taft sculpture commissioned by Clarence Shaler in memorial of his wife, Blanche
Santa Claus Statue (Spencer County, Indiana)
Concrete statue in Santa Claus, IN
Sheriff Til Taylor Memorial (Umatilla County, Oregon)
Bronze equestrian statue of Sheriff Til Taylor dedicated in 1929
Soldiers' Monument (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Civil War Monument commissioned by John Hicks in memory of his father, who died in the Civil War
Tall Paul Statue (Logan County, Illinois)
The Citadel (Dodge County, Wisconsin)
Allegory statue sculpted by Clarence Shaler
The Eternal Indian (Ogle County, Illinois)
Concrete monolith, about 50' tall, overlooking the Rock River from a high bluff near Oregon, Illinois
The Pioneers (Dodge County, Wisconsin)
Clarence Shaler's monument to the optimism of those who pushed west
Who Sows (Dodge County, Wisconsin)
Clarence Shaler's monument to the optimism of those to sow seeds
World War I Memorial (Vermilion County, Illinois)
World War II Memorial Statue (Elbert County, Georgia)