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A.J. MEERWALD (Schooner) (Cumberland County, New Jersey)
ADMIRAL DEWEY (tugboat) (New York County, New York)
ADVANCE shipwreck (Barge) (Door County, Wisconsin)
ADVENTURE (schooner) (Essex County, Massachusetts)
ADVENTURESS (King County, Washington)
AFRICAN QUEEN (Monroe County, Florida)
ALASKA Shipwreck (Scow Schooner) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
ALEXANDER HAMILTON (steamship) (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
ALMA (Scow Schooner) (San Francisco County, California)
ALVIN CLARK (schooner) (Menominee County, Michigan)
AMBROSE (lightship) (New York County, New York)
AMERICAN EAGLE (schooner) (Knox County, Maine)
Angustias Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
Appomattox (Shipwreck) (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Largest wooden steam freighter on the Great Lakes that ran aground in 1905
ARKANSAS II (riverboat) (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
ARTHUR FOSS (tugboat) (King County, Washington)
ATLANTA (steam screw) Shipwreck (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
BAGHEERA (schooner) (Cumberland County, Maine)
BALCLUTHA (San Francisco County, California)
BALTIMORE (tug) (Baltimore, Maryland)
BANCROFT (motor vessel) (Baltimore, Maryland)
BARNEGAT (lightship) (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
BELLE OF LOUISVILLE (steamer) (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
BERKELEY (San Diego County, California)
BERNICE J. (skipjack) (Kent County, Maryland)
BILLIE P. HALL (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
BINGHAMTON (ferryboat) (Bergen County, New Jersey)
BLACKJACK (friendship sloop) (Knox County, Maine)
BOWDOIN (schooner) (Hancock County, Maine)
BROTHER JONATHAN (Shipwreck Site) (Del Norte County, California)
C.A. THAYER (San Francisco County, California)
Cape Henry (Second Tower) Light Station (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
CAPTAIN MERIWETHER LEWIS (dredge) (Nemaha County, Nebraska)
CASHIER (oyster schooner) (Cumberland County, New Jersey)
CATAWISSA (tugboat) (Saratoga County, New York)
CHANCELLOR (tugboat) (Oswego County, New York)
Charles H. Spencer hulk (Coconino County, Arizona)
CHARLES W. MORGAN (New London County, Connecticut)
Chaves Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
CHESAPEAKE (lightship) (Baltimore, Maryland)
CHESAPEAKE BAY BROGAN MUSTANG (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
CHRISTEEN (oyster sloop) (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
CHRISTINA NILSSON (shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
CHUGACH (Ranger Boat) (Petersburg Borough, Alaska)
CITY OF HAWKINSVILLE (shipwreck) (Dixie County, Florida)
CITY OF OAKLAND (USS HOGA) (Alameda County, California)
CLARENCE CROCKETT (Somerset County, Maryland)
CLAUDE W. SOMERS (Talbot County, Maryland)
CLEARWATER (Sloop) (Dutchess County, New York)
COASTER II (Snohomish County, Washington)
COLUMBIA (steamer) (Wayne County, Michigan)
CORA F. CRESSEY (Lincoln County, Maine)
CORONET (Wooden Hull Schooner Yacht) (Newport County, Rhode Island)
CSS NEUSE (Ironclad Gunboat) (Lenoir County, North Carolina)
DANIEL LYONS (Shipwreck) (Kewaunee County, Wisconsin)
DAY PECKINPAUGH, (canal motorship) (Niagara County, New York)
DELTA KING (Solano County, California)
DELTA QUEEN (Steamboat) (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
DELUGE (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
DESMET (Boat) (Flathead County, Montana)
DONALD B (towboat) (Brown County, Ohio)
Duplicate listing (Knox County, Maine)
DUWAMISH (King County, Washington)
E.C. COLLIER (Talbot County, Maryland)
EDMEE S. (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
EDNA G (tugboat) (Lake County, Minnesota)
El Gallo Indiano Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
El Infante Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
El Rubi Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
ELEANOR (Sailing Sloop) (Greene County, New York)
ELF, THE (yacht) (Cecil County, Maryland)
ELISSA (Galveston County, Texas)
ELMER S. DAILEY (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
ELSWORTH (Talbot County, Maryland)
ELVA C (Deck Boat) (Northumberland County, Virginia)
EMMA C. BERRY (Fishing Sloop) (New London County, Connecticut)
EQUATOR (schooner) (Snohomish County, Washington)
ERNESTINA (schooner) (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
ETOLIN CANOE (Wrangell Borough, Alaska)
EUREKA (San Francisco County, California)
F/V CHARLES W (Schooner) (Petersburg Borough, Alaska)
FALLS OF CLYDE (Honolulu County, Hawaii)
FANNIE L. DAUGHERTY (Somerset County, Maryland)
Fire Fighter (Vessel) (Suffolk County, New York)
Formerly based at St. George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island
FIREFIGHTER (Richmond County, New York)
Moved to East End Seaport Museum, 3rd St., Greenport, New York, and used as a museum
Floretta (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Iron Ore Schooner, Foundered off Newton in 1885
FLYING CLOUD (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
FORWARD shipwreck site (motor launch) (Warren County, New York)
FROLIC (brig) (Mendocino County, California)
GENERAL BUTLER (shipwreck) (Chittenden County, Vermont)
GEO. M. VERITY (Lee County, Iowa)
Georges Valentine Shipwreck Site (Martin County, Florida)
GOLDENROD (St. Louis, Missouri)
GOVERNOR STONE (schooner) (Walton County, Florida)
GRACE A. CHANNON (canaller) Shipwreck (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
GRAPE SHOT (schooner) Shipwreck (Door County, Wisconsin)
GRECIAN Shipwreck Site (Alpena County, Michigan)
HALF MOON (shipwreck) (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
HELIANTHUS III (yacht) (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
HERCULES (tugboat) (San Francisco County, California)
Herrara Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
HETTY TAYLOR (shipwreck) (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
HILDA M. WILLING (Talbot County, Maryland)
HOWARD (Skipjack) (Somerset County, Maryland)
HUME, MARY D. (Curry County, Oregon)
HUNTINGTON (Tugboat) (Norfolk, Virginia)
Huron Lightship (St. Clair County, Michigan)
Preserved lightship functioning as a museum. A National Historic Landmark.
IDA MAY (Somerset County, Maryland)
INGHAM (USCGC) (Monroe County, Florida)
IRIS (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
ISAAC H. EVANS (schooner) (Knox County, Maine)
ISLAND BELLE (Somerset County, Maryland)
ISLAND BIRD (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
ISLAND BLOSSOM (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
ISLAND IMAGE (log canoe) (Kent County, Maryland)
ISLAND LARK (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
J. & E. RIGGIN (schooner) (Knox County, Maine)
JAY DEE (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
Jean (Steam powered tugboat, former sternwheeler) (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Tugboat (Steam powered, sternwheel paddles removed 2005)
JEAN (steamboat) (Nez Perce County, Idaho)
JOHN A. LYNCH (ferryboat) (New York County, New York)
JOHN J. HARVEY (fireboat) (New York County, New York)
JOHN W. HUBBARD (sternwheeler) (Kenton County, Kentucky)
JOSEPH S. FAY Shipwreck Site (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
JOYS (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
JUDITH ANN (Riverboat) (Wrangell Borough, Alaska)
K. WHITTELSEY (Tugboat) (Ulster County, New York)
Katahdin (Lake Boat) (Piscataquis County, Maine)
KATE KELLY (Shipwreck) (Racine County, Wisconsin)
KATHERINE M. LEE (Schooner) (Kent County, Delaware)
KATHRYN (Talbot County, Maryland)
KATHRYN (Chesapeake Skipjack) (Talbot County, Maryland)
KESTREL (steam yacht) (Hudson County, New Jersey)
KYLE SPANGLER (schooner) Shipwreck Site (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
L. A. DUNTON (New London County, Connecticut)
LA MERCED (Skagit County, Washington)
LANAI (yacht) (New York County, New York)
LANE VICTORY (Los Angeles County, California)
LASALLE Shipwreck (schooner) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
LETTIE G. HOWARD (schooner) (New York County, New York)
LEWIS ARK (Houseboat) (San Francisco County, California)
LEWIS R. FRENCH (schooner) (Knox County, Maine)
Lightship Columbia WLV-604 (Clatsop County, Oregon)
US Coast Guard lightship commissioned in 1951
Lightship WAL-604, COLUMBIA (Clatsop County, Oregon)
The lightship is docked behind the Columbia River Maritime Museum.
LITTLE CHIEF (boat) (Glacier County, Montana)
LITTLE JENNIE (Chesapeake Bay bugeye) (Suffolk County, New York)
Lofthus (shipwreck) (Palm Beach County, Florida)
LONESTAR (Scott County, Iowa)
LOOKOUT (schooner) Shipwreck (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
LOTUS (motor vessel) (Thurston County, Washington)
LOTUS (schooner) (Wayne County, New York)
LUNA (tugboat) (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
M. V. VASHON (King County, Washington)
M.V. SANTA ROSA (Alameda County, California)
MACHIGONNE (ferry) (New York County, New York)
MAGGIE LEE (Talbot County, Maryland)
MAGGIE S. MYERS (schooner) (Kent County, Delaware)
MAGIC (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
MAJESTIC (Hamilton County, Ohio)
MAJOR WILBUR FR. BROWDER (tugboat) (Kewaunee County, Wisconsin)
Retired tugboat open for tours
MALIA (Hawaiian canoe) (Honolulu County, Hawaii)
MAMIE S. BARRETT (towboat) (Lyon County, Kentucky)
MAMIE S. BARRETT (towboat) (Concordia Parish, Louisiana)
MARQUETTE (shipwreck) (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
MARTHA LEWIS (skipjack) (Harford County, Maryland)
Mary E. (Sagadahoc County, Maine)
MARY W.SOMERS (Chesapeake Bay skipjack) (St. Mary's County, Maryland)
Mayflower II (square-rigged sailing ship) (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
MAYOR ANDREW BROADDUS (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
MINNIE V (Talbot County, Maryland)
MISSISSIPPI III (Washington County, Ohio)
MONTGOMERY (snagboat) (Pickens County, Alabama)
One of a handful of surviving steam-powered sternwheelers in the country and is one of only two surviving Corps of Engineers snagboats.
MV Columbia Gorge (Hood River County, Oregon)
Sternwheel tourist vessel launched in 1983
MV KALAKALA (ferry) (Pierce County, Washington)
MV PLOVER (ferry) (Whatcom County, Washington)
MV WESTWARD (Wooden Motor Vessel) (King County, Washington)
MYSTERY (log canoe) (Queen Anne's County, Maryland)
NASH (harbor tug) (Erie County, New York)
NELLIE CROCKETT (Kent County, Maryland)
NELLIE L. BYRD (Talbot County, Maryland)
NENANA (steamer) (Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska)
NIANTIC (Storeship) (San Francisco County, California)
NOBSKA (steamship) (Baltimore, Maryland)
NODDY (log canoe) (Talbot County, Maryland)
NOQUEBAY (Schooner--Barge) Shipwreck Site (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
NORMAN (shipwreck) (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
O.J. WALKER (shipwreck) (Chittenden County, Vermont)
OCEAN WAVE (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
OLIVE JEANETTE (St. James Parish, Louisiana)
OLIVER'S GIFT (log canoe) (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)