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1879 Houston Waterworks (Harris County, Texas)
Allegheny Aqueduct (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Allouez Pump House (Brown County, Wisconsin)
Brick pumphouse in a residential area of Allouez.
Arthur D. Silva Flume (Lincoln County, Idaho)
Bearden Waterworks (Ouachita County, Arkansas)
Bella Vista Water Tank (Benton County, Arkansas)
Bighorn Ditch Headgate (Big Horn County, Montana)
Burbank Homestead Waterwheel (Chelan County, Washington)
Butternut Creek Aqueduct (Enlarged Erie Canal) (Onondaga County, New York)
Canal Aqueduct over Butternut Creek on the Enlarged Erie Canal in DeWitt.
Carter Hydraulic Rams (Carroll County, Virginia)
Castle Gatehouse, Washington Aqueduct (Washington, District of Columbia)
Centreport Aqueduct (Enlarged Erie Canal) (Cayuga County, New York)
Former Erie Canal aquaduct now the center of a popular local park
Clifton Park Valve House (Baltimore, Maryland)
Croton Aqueduct, Old (Westchester County, New York)
Crow Creek Water Ditch (Broadwater County, Montana)
Crystal Springs Water Tower (Copiah County, Mississippi)
A Water Tower on Jackson St in Downtown Crystal Springs
Cuero Hydroelectric Plant (DeWitt County, Texas)
De Valls Bluff Waterworks (Prairie County, Arkansas)
Duck Creek Aqueduct (Franklin County, Indiana)
Covered bridge carrying the Whitewater Canal over Duck Creek
Eden Park Reservoir (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Eden Park Stand Pipe (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Eighth Avenue South Reservoir (Davidson County, Tennessee)
El Barranco Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
El Porvenir Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Encenada Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Espada Aqueduct (Bexar County, Texas)
Farmington Canal Aqueduct (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Aqueduct crossing the Farmington River in Farmington.
Fisher Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Freedom Pump House (Woods County, Oklahoma)
Furnace Run Aqueduct (Summit County, Ohio)
Carried the Ohio & Erie Canal over Furnace Run
Gould Jones Reservoir (Newton County, Arkansas)
Grand River Ditch (Grand County, Colorado)
Hampton Waterworks (Calhoun County, Arkansas)
Hanging Flume (Montrose County, Colorado)
Hobbs Brook Basin Gate House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
John Huntington Pumping Tower (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Johnstown Flood Museum (Cambria County, Pennsylvania)
Jordan Aqueduct (Enlarged Erie Canal) (Onondaga County, New York)
Aqueduct over Skaneateles Creek in Jordan Canal Park in Jordan
Judson and Brown Ditch (San Bernardino County, California)
Kirkland Water Tower (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Old Kirkland water tower standing by while new water tower is erected.
La Puente Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Lawson Tower (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Lehman Orchard and Aqueduct (White Pine County, Nevada)
Limestone Creek Aqueduct (Enlarged Erie Canal) (Onondaga County, New York)
Canal Aqueduct over Limestone Creek on the Enlarged Erie Canal in Fayetteville
Lockesburg Waterworks (Sevier County, Arkansas)
Logan Cut (Josephine County, Oregon)
Logan Drain Ditches (Josephine County, Oregon)
Logan Wash Ditch (Josephine County, Oregon)
Long Wharf and Customhouse Block (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Ludowici Well Pavilion (Long County, Georgia)
Maginnis Irrigation Aqueduct (Kimball County, Nebraska)
Manistique Pumping Station (Schoolcraft County, Michigan)
Marlborough Brook Filter Beds (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
McCrory Waterworks (Woodruff County, Arkansas)
Middle Ditch (Josephine County, Oregon)
Milwaukee River Flushing Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Single story, Victorian utility building
Mineral Springs Waterworks (Howard County, Arkansas)
Mountain View Waterworks (Stone County, Arkansas)
Mystic Gatehouse (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
North Shore Sanitary District Tower (Lake County, Illinois)
Ogilvie Watertower (Kanabec County, Minnesota)
Osceola (East) Ditch (White Pine County, Nevada)
Osgood Ditch (Josephine County, Oregon)
Parkview Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Plaza Blanca Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Priestly's Hydraulic Ram (Gooding County, Idaho)
Reservoir Park (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Rexford Aqueduct (Saratoga County, New York)
Partial remains of an aqueduct that carried the Erie Canal over the Mohawk River in Rexford
Saluda Water Works (Saluda County, South Carolina)
San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct (Ventura County, California)
Tierra Amarilla Community Ditch (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico)
Tinkers Creek Aqueduct (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
A bridge carring the Ohio & Erie Canal over Tinkers Creek.
Turnbull Canal System (Volusia County, Florida)
Upper Ditch (Josephine County, Oregon)
Wewoka Filter & Pumping Station (Seminole County, Oklahoma)
Wimer Ditch (Josephine County, Oregon)
Ypsilanti Water Works Stand Pipe (Washtenaw County, Michigan)
Stone water tower