The plain Jackson County, Ohio structure was a school house from 1917 until 1935. It wasn't on the National List of Historic Places until 2005. And I can see why after reading its history on the ohiohistory.org site:

"Jackson / Jackson County
Scioto Grange No. 1234
County Road 22 (Cove Rd.)

Scioto Grange No. 1234 has been added to the National Register for its association with the history of the Grange movement in rural Jackson County. The first general farm organization in the country, the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, commonly known as the Grange, was organized in 1867 to unite farmers in the U.S., promote cooperative marketing and purchasing, and push for state and federal legislation favorable to farmers.

The first Ohio Grange was organized in East Cleveland in 1870. The State Grange of Ohio was organized in 1873. Thanks to the educational and social aspects of Grange membership, by the end of 1900 over 25,000 members were organized into 445 Granges.

Scioto Grange No. 1234 was organized in 1897, and its simple one-story white frame Grange hall was built the same year. A center of rural educational and social activities, over the years it has been the site of Grange and 4-H Club meetings, family reunions, community dinners, square dances, and wedding and baby showers. Part of the hall served as a community store from 1907-1937, and from 1917-1935 it served as a school. There are no other historic Grange buildings in use in Jackson County."

It appears to be currently used for meetings.