Logan County, Illinois

Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
902 Broadway, Lincoln, Illinois
Atlanta Public Library (Library)   [Map · Street View]
Race and Arch Sts., Atlanta, Illinois
Beason, Illinois (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Broadwell, Illinois (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Buckles Motel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
230 W Feldman Dr, Lincoln, IL
Burton View, Illinois (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

C&A Atlanta Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map]
Lost Chicago & Alton Railroad station
C&A Lincoln Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map · Street View]
Historic Amtrak Station
Also known as: Lincoln Amtrak Station
Chestnut, Illinois (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Downey Building (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
110-112 Southwest Arch St., Atlanta, Illinois
Also known as: Palm Grill Cafe
Hoblit House (House)   [Map · Street View]
505 N. College Ave., Lincoln, Illinois
J. H. Hawes Elevator (Grain elevator)   [Map · Street View]
2nd St., Atlanta, Illinois
Lincoln City Hall (City hall)   [Map · Street View]
Equipped with rooftop phone booth for use by storm watchers
Lincoln Courthouse Square Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by Sangamon, Pekin, Chicago, Delaware, Broadway, and Pulaski Sts., Lincoln, Illinois
Lincoln Motel (Hotel)   [Map]
974 Woodland Rd., Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Public Library (Library)   [Map · Street View]
725 Pekin St., Lincoln, Illinois
Lincoln Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
225 S. Kickapoo St, Lincoln, IL
Logan Texaco (Service station)   [Map · Street View]
5th St. and Stringer Ave., Lincoln, IL
Also known as: Illico Service Station
Mount Pulaski Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map · Street View]
Public Sq., Mount Pulaski, Illinois
Pig Hip Sign & Marker (Roadside oddity)   [Map · Street View]
101 West Oak St. Broadwell, IL
Pioneer Rest Motel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
161 West Oak St. Broadwell, IL
Postville Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map · Street View]
914 5th Street, Lincoln, IL
Redwood Motel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
725 Hickox Dr, Lincoln, IL
Robert Buckles Barn (Barn)   [Map]
SE of Mt. Pulaski, Mount Pulaski, Illinois
Route 66 - 1926 alignment (Road)   [Map · Street View]
Route 66, Elkhart, IL
Sinclair Station (Service station)   [Map · Street View]
1717 Broadway St, Lincoln, IL
Stephan A. Foley House (House)   [Map]
427 Tremont St., Lincoln, Illinois
Also known as: Harts House
Tall Paul Statue (Statue)   [Map · Street View]
Arch St, Atlanta, IL
Also known as: Bunyons Statue
The Mill Restaurant (Roadside oddity)   [Map · Street View]
Route 66 icon building
Also known as: The Blue Mill
Theodore H. O. Mattfeldt House (House)   [Map]
202 S. Marion St., Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
Also known as: St. Pierre House
University Hall (School)   [Map]
300 Keokuk St., Lincoln, Illinois
Worlds Largest Covered Wagon (Monument)   [Map · Street View]
Lincoln Pkwy (Route 66) Lincoln, IL